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Server dun goof... Map Reset in progress..

By Alex Owner - Posted Dec 6, 16

Hey everyone, 

I hate to do this since it seems that 6 months ago we just got this map, but we have to reset the map. It seems that the map has become corrupt from the update to 1.11 and some of the plugins that didn't like it. It happens and there's really nothing I can do about it.

What I can do that can help ease the pain of the map reset is to have it up for download and to have people's homes transferred over if they wish. Now the homes being transferred over will take  a little bit because of theres only a couple of Admins that have access to this tool. if you want your house transferred over. Please comment on this post to the coordinates of your house, your username and the location in the world you want to have it put in. I suggest you just name a home of yours the spot you want the house. Any questions please ask the staff because they will know everything they need.