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New Players are still players

By Alex Owner - Posted May 2, 16

Hey, guys, I wanted to make this post to address how a lot of the server players have been acting to new players. From my perspective, and a lot of the staff perspective. The community has seemed to be really cut throat to new players. I will not stand for this. No matter what your rank on the server is you are still expected to be nice to anyone. We are all equals on the server. As well, you are not a staff member. Do not enforce the rules when there is staff online. This is called Mini- Modding. It will not be tolerated. Reporting players, of course, is fine, but acting as you are better than them because of how long you’ve been on the server is not. We really want to make this a friendly fun free and stress-free server. Yes, there are some people that warrant being polite too, but as you come on the server more and more. You see people that just do it and get off to starting that type of drama. We advertise as a stress-free server that allows people to let loose and have fun. If we can not grow our community in a positive way, then I don’t know if I want to take part of a community like that. I have been a developer on many communities before that were like this and I didn’t agree with it, so I left. This is no way to me saying I am leaving by the way. It is just a way of saying, we are a community. People with the same group of interest that have mutual respect or a bond. We are all there to have fun. I want you to remind yourself of that time you really strived to find a server that accepted you. Make this server a place where that journey ends for new people. 

I know this was a filled ranty post, but I needed to address what is on my mind. I really think this community can go somewhere. 

Stay tuned for a huge update

I love you all,


If you have any questions feel free to email us, or ask me on the server.

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