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Donations goes to Charity

By Alex Owner - Posted Feb 4, 16

Hello Everyone,

I just want to make a post confirm the fact that every donation towards the server for the month of February will be going to the Charity War Child. 

War Child is a charity that helps children who have been affected by armed conflicts. They empower them to claim their rights, develop to their full potential and to contribute to a peaceful future for themselves and their community. 

As a community, I feel it’s our obligation to give back a little to the people in need. This is not a business where I am so worried about losing money. We truly want to help everyone we can. It’s also a win-win situation for you, you get a cool rank on the server and you are able to help out a charity in the process. 

Thank you, everyone, for your support on the server,



Learn more about War child:http://www.warchild.org/ 

Donate to the server here: http://weirdocraft.com/shop