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Yes, you heard right.  This new map will be a custom generated world for the server and I must say it a beautiful world. It adds new biomes like 

  • Bonsai forest
  • Birch forest
  • Deciduous forest
  • Desert
  • Forgotten forest
  • Fantasy forest
  • Jungle
  • Ocean
  • Two different pine forest
  • Stone forest
  • Tropical forest

We will be having a custom MineWorld that we encourage players to go use for their mining purposes. /warp MineWorld (This mineworld might not be there till later. If it's not there go mine in the reg world.)

Before you are like. I'M LEAVING THE SERVER GBYE LOL F THIS SHIZ. We are saving the old world for a month and will be transferring your old builds over to the new map. 

What I need you to do is to tp to your old home sets on the new map. They have the same chords as the old map. Write down those chords and comment below what your old chords are and the chords you want them to be transferred to. Hit f3 to view your chords. I need the X and Z. You have a limit of 2 builds transfer.  NO ITEMS WILL BE TRANSFERRED. 

Cha boi loves you,

Alex aka _Booty

AyoCharChar Tis Good.

Staff Adjustments

Alex Owner posted Mar 15, 17

Hey, everyone, I regret to inform you but sadly, many of you may or may not have noticed that we have had some staff change recently. We had this change because a member of staff tried to get another staff de-promoted for person gain. This resulted in, over the past day removal 2 Admins and 2 Long time players and that moderator. I have not done this willy-nilly, my decision was well thought out and hard. The past 5 years I've been trying my best to make this server into a safe place and these adjustments will do so accordingly. I understand that people will hear multiple different stories but I encourage you to ask a staff member in a private message on the server or discord of what happened. Hear both sides of the story and make an educated response.

I love you all,