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Update 9-30-17

Alex Owner posted Sep 30, 17

Cho what up Everyone,

Today we are starting a new map. Just a regular old map nothing new or special. 

Why might you ask?

well, the server has been lacking funds to support its older machine that could sustain a large map like we use to have. We downgraded the server to make sure it stays alive while being the best cost-effective choice. The world border is now 3500 blocks, we will expand when I feel more comfortable with the new machine.

If you do wish to just donate to us to make sure we stay up please buy a rank or just donate. 

We are going to be introducing monthly subscription donation ranks, very shortly. 

Stay awesome and thank you for everyone who has been supporting our server,


aka Alex da owner

New Map

Alex Owner posted Mar 22, 17

There is a new map refer to the last post here is a couple of updates, though.

Due to space issues, we can not transfer over your old builds. I am terribly sorry about this.

We do have the map up for download, though.  The map is 1.5 GB large even compressed.